Taylor Stearns is a local artist in Austin, Texas. For seven years she has been involved in collaborating with other artists in the area to cultivate an environment of genuine musical art in the city by partnering with many local artists and philanthropic organizations. From touring and doing studio work with the African Children’s Choir in Uganda, to winning a showcase in Nashville through Austin’s City Showdown Competition in 2012, to having a Christmas song featured on Spirit105.9, to partnering with many women’s ministries and nonprofit organizations around the nation, Taylor's musical journey has been very fulfilling and adventurous from the get-go. No matter what setting she finds herself in, Taylor is grateful use music as her means of connecting people of all ages and backgrounds to a deep sense of beauty and truth.


Taylor’s purpose is to impact people of all ages and backgrounds with heartfelt truth, and she believes the best way to accomplish that is through music. By writing songs that are constructed with passion and honesty, Taylor’s duty as an artist is not to win over a generation, but rather enrich the current culture with wholesome substance that will aid in healing, refreshing, and inspiring people in all walks of life. 





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